⚠️ Note: All the biomaterials in the photos aren't fully dried, the colours and the sizing will change and won't exactly look like the depictions when completely dried ⚠️
This piece is a bio-material collage made from agar agar bio-plastic with dragon fruit natural colour. Using my paper-cut technique, I used a technical knife to cut the pieces into shapes and then bind it together with another layer of bio-material.

ผลงานชิ้นนี้เป็นงานคอลลาจที่ทำมาจากสีธรรมชาติจากเปลือกแก้วมังกรที่นำมาทำเป็น bio-plastic เป็นการทดลอง medium หลักโดยการใช้เทคนิคการตัดกระดาษมาดัดแปลง
What are the challenges?
"Pouring the mixture to get the right thickness, which is suitable for cutting and also doing it quick enough so that it doesn’t dry out before!"

Why do you find these ingredients/materials interesting?
"I really like how it’s very easy to make and prepare and that you can keep reusing it if there’s any waste. The texture makes it really easy to cut and also layer on top of each other. I also didn’t expect the color to be this bright!"
Do you feel content with the work?
"I feel excited about it, but feel like I can explore and develop a lot more to make the execution perfect. I still feel like I can improve on the way I make the consistency of the solution so that when I keep layering it up, it will not dry out too soon."
What do/don't you like about working with biomaterials?
"How fast it dries out!! And how it is also moist, yuck."

Do you want to explore more with biomaterials in the future?
"YES! Only if I have time and the mental capacity, but it's so fun and I feel like a scientist experimenting in a laboratory, fun!"
Simona Meesaiyati - Artist
Paper artist turned environmental journalist. I am currently co-hosting an environmental doco-series about sustainable businesses and lifestyles called “2 Degrees”. When I’m not drowning with work or when the burden of trying to survive in this dystopian world isn’t giving me anxieties, I like to make art, play with my cats and cook.

Email: msimona30@gmail.com
Instagram: @simona.mee

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